Home Additions in Colts Neck

Big Dog Construction is proud to provide homeowners in Colts Neck with high-value and superbly built home additions that help them get the most enjoyment from their homes.

Whether you need a new attic, garage, new room, or other additions to your home, we’re the team to accomplish the task. Each member of our crew is fully equipped and licensed to build durable and highly functional home additions that complement your existing structure and add valuable living space.

Entrust your home addition to the best in the region. Contact our friendly crew at (732) 455-5004 to get started on your journey with us.

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We Build Sturdy Home Additions That Last

Here at Big Dog Construction, our primary goal is to build home additions that stand the test of time. By using high-quality, durable materials and employing skilled craftsmen, we ensure that your addition is structurally sound and resilient.

A well-built structure requires fewer repairs and replacements over the years, reducing the financial, personal, and environmental impact associated with frequent renovations. Some of the materials we might incorporate into your addition include:

  • Treated lumber or engineered wood products
  • Fiberglass batt or spray foam insulation
  • Fiber cement or vinyl siding
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Hardwood, bamboo, or cork flooring
  • Low-VOC paints and sustainable wall panels
  • Sustainable wood cabinets or recycled content countertops
  • Energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and home automation systems
  • Reinforced concrete foundations and structural beams
  • Low-flow fixtures and eco-friendly plumbing materials
  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems with properly sealed ductwork
  • ...and more

Add More Space to Your Home with an Addition

There comes a time when the home you have is no longer the home that accommodates your lifestyle. In times such as those, building a home addition on the property is the most sensible choice. By doing so, you can add space—and value to your home.

Home additions are a popular solution for homeowners needing more living space. In some cases, the construction process involves adding or expanding new rooms by breaking down walls and adding a completely new addition to the home's exterior. In other cases, it consists of building a standalone structure, depending on the client's needs and what the house can accommodate.

Here at Big Dog Construction, our process requires careful planning and design to ensure the new space can be structurally integrated into your existing home or surrounding property. When working on the blueprint, we'll ensure that the final result won't only add space to your house but increase its value and make it more enticing to future potential home buyers.

Designing Home Additions for Guests and Tenants

One of the most popular requests we receive is to design home additions that can serve as guesthouses or rental properties. These additions not only enhance the value of your home but also offer various functional and financial benefits. Our approach to designing such versatile spaces involves careful consideration of several key factors to ensure they meet your needs and preferences.

Space Optimization for Rental Properties

Our foremost consideration when designing home additions such as guesthouses or rental properties is optimizing the available space. We aim to make the most efficient use of the area while ensuring it complies with local building codes and zoning regulations. This includes determining the appropriate size, layout, and configuration of the space to accommodate its intended use.

Guesthouses with Functional Layouts

We prioritize functionality in our designs. Depending on your goals, we can create layouts that include a bedroom, living area, kitchenette, and bathroom, ensuring the space is comfortable and self-contained. We also take into account factors like privacy, accessibility, and ease of maintenance.

Accessible and Code-Compliant In-law Suites

Our goal is to provide your guests or potential renters with a sense of autonomy. To achieve this, we design these spaces to be fully independent, complete with their own zone-appropriate entrances, utilities, and, if desired, laundry facilities. This setup ensures that occupants can enjoy their privacy without disrupting the main residence.

Attractive House Additions for Family Visitors

While we prioritize functionality, we also pay close attention to aesthetics and architectural cohesion. We aim to seamlessly integrate the new addition with the existing structure, maintaining the overall design and style of your home. This ensures that the guesthouse or rental property not only serves its purpose but also enhances the curb appeal and visual harmony of your property.

Efficient and Sustainable Construction

Our commitment to sustainability means that we consider energy-efficient features when designing these spaces. We may suggest using eco-friendly materials, installing energy-efficient windows and appliances, and incorporating insulation to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.

Enhance the Guesthouse Exteriors

To maximize the appeal of your guesthouse or rental property, we may suggest creating outdoor living areas, patios, or decks. These spaces can enhance the overall experience for guests or tenants, providing them with outdoor relaxation and entertainment options. As professional home addition contractors, we have no problem assisting you in the design and construction of these outdoor features.

Big Dog Construction Builds Eco-Friendly Home Additions

If eco-friendly building practices are one of your priorities, you can’t go wrong by choosing to expand your living space with an eco-friendly home addition. At our contracting company, we’re committed to constructing home additions that not only provide the extra space you need but also embody eco-friendliness, sturdiness, and energy efficiency in every aspect of their design and construction.

By opting for sustainable materials and incorporating eco-friendly design features, we support responsible forestry and reduce the carbon footprint associated with the production and transportation of construction materials.

Home Addition Insulation for Climate Control

Proper insulation is a cornerstone of our eco-friendly home additions. We utilize advanced insulation materials and techniques to create a well-insulated building that minimizes heat loss in the winter and prevents heat gain in the summer. This not only keeps your indoor climate comfortable year-round but also reduces the energy required for heating and cooling, resulting in lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Energy-Efficient Building Design

From the initial design phase, we incorporate energy-efficient features into your home addition. This includes maximizing natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, strategically positioning windows and doors for cross-ventilation, and selecting energy-efficient appliances and fixtures. By reducing energy consumption, we help you save money and reduce your home's impact on the environment.

Smart Home Technology Integration

Our eco-friendly home additions often feature smart home technology that allows for efficient energy management. You can control heating, cooling, and lighting remotely, optimizing energy usage and reducing waste.

Do you want to take your home addition to the next level? Allow our contractors to be of service. We design home additions that look how you want them to look while operating according to the highest energy efficiency standards.

Customized Room Additions vs. Prefabricated

There are many approaches to home addition construction. You can customize them to your exact specifications or build upon existing, prefabricated ideas and concepts. Here at Big Dog Construction, the choice is yours.

Prefabricated units offer many benefits, from ease of installation to reduced construction costs. Combining time-honored designs with our craftsmanship ensures these pre-constructed units stand tall throughout the years.

Unlike prefabricated or standardized additions, customized room additions are built to accommodate the homeowner's preferences. When you partner with us, we'll tailor your addition to your specifications, ensuring it meets your preferred functional, aesthetic, and lifestyle needs.

We offer flexibility in terms of design and construction, allowing you to incorporate unique features and materials that aren't available in prefabricated options. As a result, you can enjoy a more luxurious and high-end addition.

To get started on your customized home addition, simply give us a call. We’ll proceed with the design consultation quickly. Depending on your expectations and budget, we might suggest prefabricated additions or something more customizable. It all depends on what you want and what you want to spend.

The professional oversight of our team of builders ensures that your project goes according to plan, no matter which route you choose to take.

Trust Our Licensed Home Addition Contractors

When it comes to any residential construction project, choosing a licensed contractor is crucial to ensure the project is done correctly, up to code, and adheres to local building regulations. At Big Dog Construction, our licensed home addition contractors have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to plan and execute a home addition project that meets industry standards. They also have all required insurance coverage, which protects you from any financial liabilities in case of accidents or damages occurring during construction.

We partner with skilled professionals, including architects, engineers, and subcontractors, who help us ensure the project passes quality control inspections. By hiring us, you can expect a high level of professionalism, open communication, and accountability throughout the entire construction process.


When you’re looking for a reliable company to build a home addition, look no further than the experts at Big Dog Construction. Our licensed contractors have completed countless renovations and new additions for homeowners throughout Colts Neck.

From kitchen extensions to enclosed patios to mudrooms, we have an extensive portfolio of previous work that we’re always happy to showcase. Over the years, we’ve earned our reputation for excellence through hard work and consistently delivering top-quality contracting.

Our team’s experience helps ensure that all our home addition projects are completed smoothly. Every technician we send to your job site is professionally licensed and insured and can problem-solve and adapt to your needs on the fly.

When you hire our team for a home addition, you can expect to receive the following:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Transparent financing information
  • Balanced design
  • Work completed to code
  • Efficient project timelines
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Friendly customer service
  • …and more!


One of the many upsides to investing in a home addition is the opportunity it presents to increase both the functionality and design ethos of your property. Home additions provide flexibility in terms of materials and floor plans, and they can significantly improve how you enjoy any space. We offer customizable features and exceptional work to elevate your home and add value to your property.

Before beginning a new project, we sit down with you for an extensive design consultation and take the time to learn about your vision for your home. Whether you’re looking to grow your family and need another bathroom to accommodate everyone, or you’re looking to make a more functional mudroom and laundry area, our team can help.

Let us take the lead on designing your addition, or work collaboratively with us to create a customized project. Our team will break down the various options for your expansion and show you all the ways we can make your square footage stylish.

We look forward to meeting you for a friendly consultation and hope to hear from you soon.


Our team appreciates that investing in a room addition is a significant and expensive undertaking. That’s why we’re committed to using top-of-the-line building materials and tried and tested techniques to deliver the best possible construction services. When you work with our team, you can expect to receive work that is durable, reliable, and completed efficiently.

Our service is highly attentive to details, ensuring we never compromise on quality. We take careful measurements and conduct thorough inspections to guarantee that our work is of the highest standard. Whether you need your garage converted into a living space or a beautiful solarium, you can trust us to deliver reliable and consistent results.

Our team takes pride in their work and has experience building both standalone structures and connected additions to homes, ensuring that they’re safe and secure. Rest assured that all our contracting is completed according to strict industry standards. With us, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Reach our team to discuss the details of your next project with a qualified construction contractor who goes the extra mile on your behalf.


When you take the time to invest in a home addition, you gain a blank slate to explore new designs and possibilities for your home. Customers in Colts Neck who have worked with our team for their additions can tell you how we prioritize their needs and offer exceptional design choices on all our services.

Whether you’re looking for a minor addition or a completely customized room, our team will take the time to tailor their work to accommodate your aesthetic and functional preferences. We house an extensive catalog of our completed projects on our website and are happy to showcase our previous designs during your preliminary consultation.

With our talented design team and contractors working for you, no design is too creative or out of reach. Take advantage of our expertise to produce balanced work that combines design creativity and functionality. Reach out to schedule a consultation appointment at your convenience.


When you’re tired of making superficial changes to your home but are looking for a way to revitalize its look and feel, you should consider investing in a beautiful new addition. Unlike cosmetic changes like new light fixtures and paint colors, home additions can positively impact your entire property’s utility and curb appeal.

Our team is the right choice for adding a room or expanding the second story of your home. We can add more space to make your garage comfortably house three vehicles and even frame in an existing porch to inject new life into your home’s appearance. We’ve worked on scores of homes in our community and are confident in our ability to help revitalize your home next.

Call us to learn more about what makes us the right partner for saving time and money without compromising value when adding more space to your home’s existing footprint.


When you're uncertain about investing in a home addition, there are several compelling reasons to consider it. Not only are additions a cost-effective option compared to purchasing a new home, but they also serve as investments that can enhance the utility and worth of your current property.

When you enlist us to build an addition to your home, you can look forward to the following:

  • Increasing your property value: When you invest in a home addition like a mudroom or a kitchen bump-out, you add tangible selling features to your property and finishing touches that many homes lack. Newer construction and recent renovations can help maximize your property value and add exciting features for prospective buyers.
  • Maximizing your home’s functional square footage: When you’re feeling cramped in your current space, adding a small deck or extending your kitchen can help maximize your available square footage. Additions don’t have to be standalone structures like sheds or garages—they can add storage and entertainment spaces to your home and make it feel bigger.

A Home Addition That Fits Your Lifestyle

A home addition that fits your lifestyle is an excellent investment that can significantly improve your quality of life. How? If you enjoy cooking and entertaining, a custom kitchen addition with a large island and dining area can provide you with a perfect space to host gatherings with friends and family.

On the other hand, if you're an avid reader or movie lover, a cozy and comfortable media room addition can provide you with a perfect space to unwind and relax. Moreover, a home addition that suits your lifestyle can also improve your home's functionality and flow, making navigating between different areas more accessible and enjoyable.

If you want to hear more about how we can help you improve comfort, functionality, and overall satisfaction with your home, connect with a member of our team.

Home Additions Constructed with Care

We carefully design and construct your home addition by following a rigorous, step-by-step procedure. From the preliminary consultation to the final walkthrough, we focus our attention on executing the job with care and precision.

We start by conducting a thorough site analysis to assess your home's structural integrity, soil conditions, and zoning requirements. Doing this allows us to design a home addition that is equal parts aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. We follow regulated building guidelines through the planning and construction phases that help us build a robust structure that will stand the test of time.

Keeping an open line of communication is also a part of our 'building with care' strategy because it ensures we infuse your needs, preferences, and requests into every aspect of the construction process.

Cost-Effective Home Additions

Choosing to build a home addition can be a cost-effective solution if you need more space but want to avoid going through the nuisance and expense of moving into a larger home. While adding more room to your property does require a significant upfront cost, it will be substantially more affordable than paying real estate commissions, closing costs, and moving expenses.

Something many homeowners don't know is that you might be able to save money on the cost of a home addition or have it covered entirely by taking advantage of the equity in your home that has accumulated over the years. Once the project is complete, the added square footage will increase the value of your property, providing you with a return on your investment in the form of higher resale value.

Home Additions Built to Last

At Big Dog Construction, we pride ourselves on constructing home additions that are built to last. Investing in a large project like this should be a long-term solution to more space needs, and quality should never be compromised. With this in mind, we use only the best materials and components on the market to ensure that our home additions are of the finest quality.

We start by creating a design that complements the existing home's architecture and style to infuse a cohesive, seamless look that blends in with the original structure. We build using durable materials such as brick, stone, or concrete, which are resistant to wear and tear, moisture, and temperature changes. Furthermore, we pay close attention to details such as proper insulation, ventilation, and waterproofing to prevent common issues that could lead to damage or deterioration. Finally, we conduct thorough quality control checks throughout the construction process to ensure the final result meets our high standards of excellence.

Full-Spectrum Home Addition Projects

At Big Dog Construction, we take care of the complete scope of home addition projects. From the preliminary design consultation to the final walkthrough, we handle all aspects of the project to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

We handle the construction process, handle all the paperwork, and coordinate with local authorities when necessary. All you need to do is give us some time during a consultation so we can walk through the project's details, budget, and timeline, and you can leave the rest to us. It's really that simple!

To take advantage of our full-spectrum service, call us at any time.

Choose an Industry Leading Builder to Expand Your House

If you’re looking to expand your house to make it feel more like home, there is no one better than the specialized professionals at Big Dog Construction.

With us, you simply can’t go wrong. We’re your friendly, hardworking home addition contractors with years of experience in our field. There’s no one else like us in town, and only we can provide you with the showstopping, top-quality results you need.

Call us to hear more about us and read on to get the full scoop on why we’re the home addition company of choice in the local area.

What Our General Construction Contractors Bring to Your Addition

You’ve decided to increase your home’s footprint with an expansion that’ll give you and your loved ones more room to grow and pursue your interests. We’re the general construction contractors who bring plenty of proven experience and a strong work ethic to every new addition we build.

You can count on our team to walk you through each planning, design, and construction process, address your questions quickly, and help you overcome building expansion challenges.

Look to us for expert guidance in the following:

  • Permit applications
  • Project planning
  • Home addition design
  • Project management
  • Site preparation
  • Construction services
  • …and more!

Our dedication to our craft, ability to deliver on our promises, and commitment to personalizing our construction services to your project make us the top choice for general residential construction work in our region.

We want to be a part of making your home the perfect fit for you and your family. Reach out to our representatives to schedule a risk-free initial consultation appointment and learn more about what we can do to ensure your newly constructed addition complements the rest of your property beautifully.

Let Us Help You Design the Ideal Addition to Your Home

No matter how you intend to use the new space, your ideal home addition will benefit from the expertise of our seasoned in-house design team. These innovators are responsible for listening to your ideas and creating a unique design that brings your preferences to life and respects local safety and building code regulations.

With us at the helm, there’s practically no limit to the level of personalization available to you, including custom options for:

  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Ceiling treatments
  • Specialty lighting
  • Trim
  • …and so much more!

Are you interested in learning more about what makes us the optimal partner for designing a home addition here in Colts Neck? Reserve an appointment to discuss the details with a licensed general contractor who goes the extra mile to ensure you’re delighted with the value, quality, and longevity of our work.

Access Premium Quality Building Materials at the Best Prices

Our home addition designers work within your budget to produce forward-thinking home addition plans that maximize cost-efficiency using energy-efficient construction materials made by the brands you know and love.

Whether you dream of picture-perfect windows or want a specific type of flooring material to tie the look of your new space together, we have you covered. We’re the builders who’ve gone the extra mile to form tight relationships with the best construction materials suppliers in our region, to be able to fulfill your objectives at the best possible pricing.

Calculating the Cost to Build an Addition

We understand how important it is to understand the cost of your planned home construction project clearly. That's why we’re deeply committed to simplifying the process of calculating the cost of building an addition. Our team of licensed home expansion experts is ready to sit with you and delve into the specifics of your vision during an obligation-free initial consultation. Through this meeting, we’ll work collaboratively to provide you with a comprehensive and transparent estimate that covers every aspect of your new space, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Connect with us to reserve an appointment at your convenience.

Professional House Additions by Big Dog Construction

Searching for hardworking local experts? That’s us. We’re a proudly local team of licensed, insured, and bonded contractors, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to provide you with the home addition of your dreams.

When you choose us, you get a team that follows a finely tuned process that gets the job done right. You can always expect us to:

  • Arrive at the agreed time with our top-notch tools, equipment, and materials
  • Check in with you to confirm all home additions plans
  • Complete our work speedily and efficiently
  • Clean up after ourselves before we leave

To us, that’s the only way we know it’s a job well done.

Masterful Room Additions

If your family is growing and expanding, you’ll likely need new space to comfortably accommodate all household members. An additional room could be the best way to provide a private space for every family member to grow up, and Big Dog Construction is well-versed in constructing new rooms for families and individuals in Colts Neck.

Below are some spaces that we can add to your existing structure:

  • A home office
  • An expanded kitchen
  • An expanded living room
  • Additional laundry room or storage space
  • Additional bedrooms
  • Additional bathrooms
  • A home gym or workout room
  • …and more!

We’ve mastered a series of tried and tested techniques to offer superior room addition services to our customers. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from design to completion, to ensure the project complies with your needs and offers the growing space your family needs. From nurseries to in-law suites, our crew can construct your room additions proficiently and speedily. Consider our expert team your go-to option for expanding your home base.

Book a Room Addition Assessment

An assessment can make all the difference when it comes to getting what you want. That’s why we’re proud to provide all our clients with such an essential service from the get-go.

Whether you have lots of ideas, want to go over your options, or just want to know everything that’s possible, we can do it all. Call us, and we’ll be pleased to set up an appointment with a professional addition contractor. They’ll inspect your current property, talk to you in-depth about the process, and work with you to come up with a plan that suits all your needs. That’s what makes our home additions exceed expectations every time.

Top-Grade Home Additions

Quality is more than just a buzzword to us– it’s an integral part of our work and the foundation of all that we do. But what does quality actually mean? To us, it means giving you the very best in all aspects of the work.

From the initial phone call to the final follow-up, we listen closely to what you want, and we give it a hundred percent to impress. We’re proud to say we adhere to a top standard of quality by using top-notch tools and equipment, as well as careful attention to detail. Our team does it all so that you have a fantastic additional living space to enjoy for many years to come.

Skilled Home Addition Contractors

Whether you need an addition made to your existing home for more space or want to add a separate storage area on your property, the professionals at Big Dog Construction can help you out. As a full-service home addition company, you will finally enjoy the added space you've been dreaming of when we oversee your home addition.

Our team comprises multi-skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds in construction, electrical work, design, and other fields necessary to complete a home addition project from start to finish. We aim to deliver results guaranteed to exceed expectations, so if you have a home addition on the horizon, don't miss out on our second-to-none service.

Increase the Value of Your Home with a Home Addition

Investing in a home addition can help add functionality, enjoyability, and market value to your property – making it a cost-effective investment. Here at Big Dog Construction, our talented contractors have extensive history working in the field of home construction, making them highly skilled. Combining the industry’s best products, materials, and techniques, we’ll ensure that your home addition adds lasting value to your home, no matter your budget.

Offering Complete Home Addition Projects

Helping homeowners bring to life their vision of a home addition is what we're in business to do. We oversee the entire project, from design and blueprint creation to constitution and cleanup. Since we are a multi-skilled group of contractors, there is no need to hire a subcontractor! Our team is skilled in the following installations:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Tile and masonry
  • Flooring
  • Windows and doors
  • Painting
  • Carpentry

For all your home addition needs, don't hesitate to book a risk-free consultation with a member of our team. We will happily discuss your vision, budget, and expectations.

Home Additions Tailored To You

A home addition is a costly investment, and every detail of it should be a representation of your vision. When you work with our team, we will walk you through the construction phases and infuse your style and design preferences into the project. Whether you're looking for a standard home addition with minimal functionality or want to get the most out of it with stylish designs and forward-thinking upgrades, we will add it to the blueprint. When you meet with one of our construction specialists, they will discuss all the details and do their best to ensure we tailor the project to your every need.

We Offer Superior Garage Additions

A garage is built to house your parked vehicles, but over time, it can be used for numerous other activities, from storage to artistic endeavors. Whether you have more cars to be sheltered or need more room in your garage to host different activities, we’re able to expand your space and provide you with the enhanced garage you’re looking for.

Big Dog Construction is highly adept at providing stellar garage additions to residents of Colts Neck. We’ve successfully undertaken a variety of such projects, so you can leverage our experience to ensure success for your garage addition. Contact us at (732) 455-5004 to speak to our competent crew.

Home Addition Contractor Focused on Speedy Turnaround

While a lot of meticulous planning and handwork goes into building an entirely new home addition, we aim to complete the project in record time. This means we ensure our team is fully prepared before getting started and all material is ready to be used. If we endure hiccups or backlogs along the way, we will do our best to work through them promptly so the project completion time is not exceeded. We value your business, so we always go the extra mile to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

If you're on a time crunch and need your new project completed soon, we would love to hear from you.

Why Choose Big Dog Construction for Your Home Addition

Home Additions Backed by Experience

Our team’s extensive experience in the field of home additions informs our practice. From drafting accurate blueprints and plans to ensuring the use of the most suitable materials, our crew employs proven methods to offer a start-to-finish addition project geared toward success. Having completed many projects of this kind in the past, we’re able to boast a proven track record of success that offers you peace of mind that your addition is in the best hands.

Top Quality Home Addition Materials Used

At Big Dog Construction, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials in our work. We take care to pick and choose the right supplies for our project so you can enjoy flawless finishes and long-lasting results. From the type of flooring to the choice of insulation, we’re well-versed in the best available options and confident in the recommendations we put forward to our clients.

High Standard of Service with Our Home Additions

Our staff thoroughly embodies Big Dog Construction’s values: first-rate craftsmanship and a high standard of service with every project we execute. We pay attention to the most minute details to offer work with precision and superior quality every time. Without compromising your timeline, we ensure that every component is perfectly placed and secured, resulting in a durable and high-quality structure.

Call Colts Neck’s Best Home Addition Contractors Now

Get in touch with us now at (732) 455-5004 to speak to a friendly and helpful staff member. They’ll be delighted to answer all your home reno questions, give suggestions, and help you choose the best home addition services for you.

The time is right to choose the best home addition crew in Colts Neck. The time is right to choose us. Call now!