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Big Dog Construction is a leading provider of high-quality and cost-effective home additions for property owners looking to expand their space and maximize their home’s value.

Whether you want a sunroom to increase the lighting in your living space or to extend your garage to house more vehicles, our team has the skill to make it happen. With the help of cutting-edge equipment, knowledge of industry-leading trends, and experience in every kind of existing property enhancement, our crew can address your home addition needs with precision.

Increase your home’s square footage by getting in touch with us today! We look forward to hearing about how we can strategically improve your home’s square footage.

We Cover All Types of Home Additions

Drawing from decades of in-the-field experience, our crew works hard to build spectacular home additions that add spaciousness and increased functionality to your property. Our team is equipped to build many different kinds of additions, including the following:

  • Expanding or adding a garage
  • Adding a second story
  • Finishing the basement
  • Extending the kitchen space
  • Increasing the number of bedrooms
  • Adding a full or half bath or powder room
  • Converting the front porch
  • Adding a mudroom
  • Extending a laundry room
  • …and much more

If the addition you’re looking for falls outside of the above list, please reach out to us to find a team that is excited to take on a challenge and bring forth the best of your vision and our expertise.

In-Depth Home Addition Design Consultations

As a builder dedicated to enhancing your customer experience, we prioritize offering in-depth home addition design consultations. During this time, we’ll conduct a comprehensive site inspection, develop custom design renderings, create budget forecasts, and determine required permits—all to start your home addition project off on the right foot.

Furthermore, our detailed consultations ensure that we consistently provide accurate and comprehensive transparency and set the ground for an open line of communication for the duration of the project. We make it a point to outline all expenses before the project commences, ensuring no unknowns pop up throughout the process.

If you have a project on the horizon and are ready to start planning, call us, and we’ll book you for a consultation.

Detailed Assessments on House Additions

When considering making construction changes to your home, numerous factors come into play. From ensuring the structural stability of your building to obtaining the necessary permits and optimizing the interior flow, a thoughtful design process is crucial. Luckily, we’re seasoned contractors with the expertise needed to ensure the seamless execution of your project.

We start by conducting a detailed assessment of your house and property as a base starting point. Once we have an idea of the structure and space we’ll be working with, we can integrate your vision into a plan and draft a practical blueprint. With your permission, we’ll use all the pertinent details from the assessment to prepare for the project start date.

So, don’t wait to get the first step started. Consulting with us will give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare your life and finances. It will also show you how much easier a home addition is than you might think.

Our Home Addition Team of Builders

Our home construction builders are a dynamic and varied group of professionals from diverse disciplines. We have specialists in various areas, ensuring that we seldom need to seek external assistance for our projects.

Our team encompasses experts in every facet of construction, covering:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Framing
  • Flooring
  • Designing
  • Drywalling
  • Painting
  • ...and more!

Whether completing the initial demolition phase or the plumbing installation stage, our full-service contractors are ready to tackle every aspect of your build.

The Best House Addition Material Selections

Expanding your home not only opens up exciting possibilities for additional space but also allows for the integration of top-tier, energy-efficient products and features. We’ve forged strong partnerships with some of the region’s largest and most reputable suppliers and retailers to ensure we use the best house addition materials.

Through these valuable connections, we extend exclusive deals to our clients on a wide range of items, including flooring, furnishings, fixtures, and more. Enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal while getting lasting results and lowering energy consumption. Our premium materials and products are designed to achieve every one of these goals.

Do you have product and material questions or preferences? Give us a call, and we will go into further detail and schedule an onsite assessment.

Add a Second Story to Your Home

Adding a second story to a house is one of the most popular home addition projects. Such an addition typically requires extensive inspection and renovation to ensure your home remains structurally sound.

Big Dog Construction’s team excels at seamlessly integrating second floors into single-story homes. We have a full suite of qualified engineers, architects, designers, and contractors to tackle such projects. We coordinate among our departments to ensure your second story is sturdy and spacious and echoes your requirements down to a tee. Whether you want to include a separate suite on top of your existing house or move all your first-floor bedrooms upstairs, we can perform the task to your liking.  

Make your second story a permanent extension of your home’s structure and value by enlisting our staff.

Increase Your Space with Bump-Outs

Bump-outs are one of the most cost-efficient home additions. Since they don’t usually involve plumbing or foundation alterations, they can be affordably handled while increasing a home’s investment value.

Big Dog Construction provides bump-outs of all kinds. We offer bump-outs in the kitchen to add a café table or small dining area. Our team also creates bump-outs in living and bedroom areas with bay windows to create cozy seating spaces that bring in natural light. Additionally, we often create bump-outs in the rear rooms of the house to offer extended living space that allows the owner to enjoy their backyard while remaining indoors.

We can offer you a multitude of bump-out suggestions and follow through with our recommendations with superior engineering and quality installations.

Extend Your Home with Qualified Contractors

Whether you are looking to add an entire new floor to your home or just want an extra bedroom or bathroom, then you really shouldn’t look past Big Dog Construction. With a wealth of experience in all areas of home remodeling and additions, there is very little that we can’t do. We combine our tried and trusted home addition techniques with the latest and most innovative tools and equipment to create an unmatched service that may be envied by many of our competitors but rivaled by very few. So, whatever you are looking to achieve for your home, then you need to call us today. Don’t settle for second-best when the number one team is right here for you to use.


Aside from your kitchen, there is no room in your home more valuable than the bathroom. So, whether you want to increase your home’s re-sale value or just add a new room to your existing home, a bathroom addition is an effective and efficient way of achieving this end. However, that being said, three important points to consider include:


The fact of the matter is that if you are going to go to the bother of having a new bath installed in your home, then you need to make sure that it is a full rather than half option. Recent research indicates that adding a half bath to your home will increase its value by 10%. However, the addition of a full bath will offer a value increase of 20% for your home.


The simple fact of the matter is before you decide on adding a new bathroom to your home, you need to take a look at where you live. The reality is that if you live in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town, then adding a bathroom worth $20,000 may actually result in diminishing returns rather than any real benefit for your home.


One of the final points to consider when you are adding a bathroom to your home is that money isn’t everything. The simple fact is that if unhappy family members are standing in line to share a bathroom, you may not care whether you fully recoup the cost of the new addition in any future re-sale. So, while it is important to ensure that you are aware of the costs of new additions and renovations, the reality is that you can’t always put a price-tag on your family’s harmony.


When it comes to adding a new room or whole floor to your home, you need to invest in a tried and trusted home addition service that you can really rely on. Big Dog Construction’s wealth of experience and commitment to excellence does just that.

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