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Fire Damage Restoration

When a fire hits your home, it is crucial that you act immediately to remedy the problem. When it comes to fire damage restoration, time really is of the essence. What is equally important is choosing the number one restoration team that can take care of you and your family’s needs in an efficient and effective fashion. At Big Dog Construction, we know that a fire in the home is one of the most stressful episodes that any family will ever experience.

Adjusters will be contacted in minutes of receiving your call, which can arrive at your location in hours. Our adjusters are a very important part of this process, they are the only property loss professionals who work on behalf of you the policy holder. Don't wait until the claim from your insurance company isn't enough, call us immediately. Using our adjuster from the start will not only elevate the headache of dealing with your insurance company during this traumatic time, but it will also maximize your claim.

This is why when you contact us to take care of the your home’s fire damage restoration, you can rest assured that you will receive a professional and compassionate service that will take care of your home’s needs while also understanding the emotional trauma that an event of this nature can cause.


Using the industry-leading detergents, applications and restoration equipment throughout our cleaning and restoration process, Big Dog Construction can guarantee to recover your home to its former glory in the quickest time possible. By neutralizing odours and sealing affected surface areas to protect against further damage, our skilled team of restoration specialists know every trick in the book when it comes to delivering the optimal service for you and your family. At Big Dog Construction, we are aware that some home items such as lamps, furniture and other precious heirlooms are simply irreplaceable. That is why we guarantee to do our utmost to have these invaluable items returned to you in the quickest time possible. As well as restoring furniture, fixtures and fittings to their previous best, we can also treat and clean HVAC systems thoroughly following a fire. This will not only help eliminate any harmful pollutants that may have entered your home in the fire, but it will also guarantee the elimination of dangerous toxins in an effective and efficient fashion.


When your home is subjected to a fire of any size it is likely that a number of harmful chemical reactions will form. This happens when the synthetic material that is a part of most furniture and flooring burns. The longer that this has process is allowed to continue untreated, the harder it is to restore and repair damaged fixtures and fittings. At Big Dog Construction, we fully understand the devastating impact that chemical reactions of this nature can have on tiles, flooring and upholstery. That is why our skilled team of restoration technicians will create a chemical combination that can quickly and effectively salvage your home’s belongings. This allows us to remove smoke and soot from brass pipes and marble tiles as well as softer fabrics such as carpet and curtains.


If you need a top-quality fire damage restoration team that has a track record of delivering real and lasting results for all its residential customers, then you need to contact Big Dog Construction right away. Trust us, you won’t regret it

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