Wood Furniture Refinishing in Rumson

There is no doubt about it, a well-made piece of wooden furniture can add value to any type of Rumson home. Whether a vintage coffee table or a unique kitchen cabinet, the fact of the matter is that there is very few rooms that won’t look better with a top-quality wooden piece of furniture installed. However, the reality is that after a number of years, even the best-made piece of wooden furniture will need to be refinished to ensure that it continues to look its best for longer. If you want to guarantee that the furniture in your home continues to radiate in your home, then you need to contact the Rumson wood furniture refinishing experts you can rely on today. With a wealth of experience in all aspects of wood refinishing, there is very little that Big Dog Construction can’t do. So, if you want a team that will cut no corners in the pursuit of wood furniture refinishing, then you need to call us today. We promise, you won’t regret it.

How Do I Know if my Wood Furniture is Worth Refinishing?

While there is an awful lot to be said for sifting through a local flea market or vintage store for a wooden furniture treasure, the reality is that it is important to ask a number of important questions before making a final decision on whether your new chair or table is worth the effort of refinishing. One important question that you really do need to ask before you invest time and money into having your unique piece of furniture refinished is this:

When was the furniture constructed?

Admittedly, it is not always easy to detect when the piece of furniture you have recently purchased, or are thinking about buying, was constructed. However, if you can find a construction date, then it is important to remember this rule: If the piece was built before 1960 then it usually means that it is done so without the use of laminate or particleboard. This more traditional approach to carpentry and furniture construction generally means that the structural integrity of the piece is higher. One point that needs to be kept in mind is that for wooden furniture constructed before 1850, refinishing can end up hurting the value of your piece.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

When it comes to wood furniture refinishing, you really can’t take any chances with inferior teams. That is why if you are looking to ensure that your Rumson home looks its best longer then you need to invest in Big Dog Construction’s top-quality service. Offering a range of refinishing services that will leave your wooden cabinet or kitchen table with a new lease of life, our service is truly unmatched when it comes to quality, price and convenience. So, why settle for second-best when the number one team in Rumson is here for you to use.